About us 

With over 40 years experience in the leather trade, Leathermend Master Craftsmen can offer you a complete leather repair, restoration & cleaning service second to none.
​Customers are always amazed at what we can achieve with our repairs to their damaged leather, be it a burn on a leather sofa, cat scratches on a leather chair or a tear in a leather car seat etc. etc.
We love when we receive badly damaged leather coats or handbags & are able to return them as new.
We carry out most work on site whenever possible, otherwise we will take the damaged items away to our workshop.
We only use repair, cleaning & restoration products that are eco friendly & totally compatible with the item being repaired.
Products are available that are easier & quicker to use but do not give such good results. We do not use these.
Leathermend  prefer to leave you with a  quality repair that you can have total confidence in.
We pride ourselves on our honesty & reliability. We are always pleased to offer help & advice.

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